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What Are the Kinds of Home Maintenance Service a Professional Handy Man Can Offer You

Flexible Handyman Services

Home maintenance is something that many people do on their own. While it’s certainly possible to maintain the home yourself, some things just aren’t practical or even possible when you’re working alone. Professional handymen offer expert services for all types of repairs and installations in your house or apartment building. Here are common home maintenance service tasks that they can help you with.

Fix a Door That Doesn’t Close Properly

If your front door is swinging open, this can be a major inconvenience for both you and your visitors. Doors aren’t just about keeping strangers out, they also need to keep bugs and other pests out of the house. If your front door won’t close properly, it will be harder for you to secure it with deadbolts or locks on each side of the jambs. A professional handyman can benefit you from having this issue fixed in no time.

Fix Loose Power Outlets and Light Switches

If you have loose power outlets or light switches, a handyman can help. To tighten these, a handyman will use a screwdriver to turn the screws clockwise until they’re snug. They’ll be careful to not over-tighten them because this could damage your walls or floors with loose threads.

They Can Also Fix Clogged Drains As Plumbers Do

Professional handymen have a variety of flexible maintenance services, and fixing your clogged drains is one of them. They also have access to plumbing tools like plungers and drain snakes to clear out debris in drains with little pressure on them. If it doesn’t fix your plumbing issue, they will resort to the last option, which is chemical drain cleaners.

These are just a small list of flexible home maintenance tasks a professional handyman can perform. The lists go on to attain your needs anytime. For quality home maintenance service here in Brighton, MA area, Hands On Duty Inc. is here to help you. Contact our professionals at (617) 903-2411 for complete home repair and upkeep today!