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Expert Painting Tips for Your Small House

Altering Your Home’s Size Through Painting Techniques

There are easy ways to make your commercial space or residential property look more appealing. A good paint job, for one, can surely add value to your property. Plus, it will only cost you a small amount compared to other property improvement projects. But you need to hire expert interior painters to ensure you get impeccable results. Learn how to easily alter the size of your home through interior painting:

Walls Enlarged

For your walls, you can either create an accent or use stripes to stretch. To create an accent, use a darker paint color on a single wall than the rest of the walls. It can easily create a focal point that can make your room larger than its actual size. Aside from that, it can also make decorating and arranging your furniture so much easier.

Stretching Method

In addition to creating an accent, you can also stretch your walls by using stripes to paint them. Pick one or two walls to paint with a horizontal stripe. Choose dark and light colors such as white and black paint. You will be surprised at how it can make your narrow room look wider. This technique can also be used to stretch your low ceiling. But for that, you need to paint with vertical stripes.

Roof Raised

If you have lower ceilings, you can raise your roof through paint jobs. Choose a paint color for your roof that is lighter than the rest of your space. If you have painted your walls with blue, choose white for your ceiling. This painting technique has been widely used by a lot of professional interior painters because of how effective it can be in raising the roof in any room. Be sure to work with expert professionals so that you can get the outcome you desire. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can add extra height to your ceiling.

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