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Helping Our Clients With Flawless Painting Services

With your hectic lifestyle, you probably cannot stay on top of all the repairs in your home. Hiring a professional painting company guarantees the timely handling of all the unforeseen problems, such as water damage repair, paintwork, electric wiring, and plumbing repair work. We are Hands On Duty Inc., a full-service company situated in Brighton, MA. Familiarize yourself more about the specifics of our job on this page.

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Painting Services

Painting Services

Did you know that routine painting is one of the most significant prerequisites to proper house maintenance? We have skilled and talented painters in our team ready to assist you with reliable paintwork. We can remove old paint, and wallpaper, fix imperfections on the surface, and apply primers and paint with a matte or high-gloss finish. Our team will handle the upfront prep work and the paint job itself.

Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Our handyman service provider also offers residential and commercial drywall services. We work with Sheetrock and other drywall brands. Our technicians can repair wallboards and drywall. An essential element of our work is also drywall patching and finishing. We have the necessary skills and tools to fix any defects, like holes, water damage, stains, dents, and more.

Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair

Our dexterous handymen are also available for professional water damage repair and restoration jobs. Our company is outfitted with the latest tools and equipment to remove excess water and repair or replace floors and carpets. We know the different types of water and will respond according to whether we need to deal with clean or contaminated water. Save all your house possessions with our reliable assistance.

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly

Our commendable handyman furniture assembly services include assembling all kinds of furnishings, such as IKEA furniture, built-in furniture, and even custom cabinets. Our professional technicians will use various tools to build your bedroom sets, large wardrobes, tables, sofas, etc. To have safe and long-lasting furnishings, call our pros now.

Window & Door Repair

Window & Door Repair

Our local handyman company is also available to fix any problems with your windows or doors. A broken window or door can be a threat to your property. Do not ignore them and contact our experts for quick repair. From replacing a lock or doorknob and replacing the threshold to replacing the glass and re-caulking around the windows, there isn't a task that is too complicated for our trained staff. We also install brand-new doors.

Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Our professionals cater to the cleaning needs of our clients, too. Do not hesitate to reach our company for high-quality cleaning services for your home, office, bank, school, store, restaurant, or any other kind of facility. Our diligent cleaners know how to remove stains from floors and carpets, grease from kitchen appliances, and add scents to your home or office environment.

Many Other Services

We are experienced and skilled technicians ready to help you with other services that incorporate carpentry, and appliance installation services. We also provide residential and commercial property interior cleaning, and exterior power washing. If you have bought a new TV, we can mount it on the wall for you. We provide fencing and flooring services, as well.

Multiple Benefits

Scheduling our dependable handyman repair service is like having someone at home who can fix and replace all of your broken materials and fixtures. Our services are time-saving and cost-effective. We have the right skills, tools, and expertise to repair and maintain your property with regular visits and checkups. If buying a new home is out of the question, then we recommend you to consider our flawless services each time something in the house breaks down. 

Our Work

Our experts provide full home maintenance service that encompasses regular visits, inspections, and repairs of many things, like your siding, windows and doors, furniture, fence, floors, and more. All of our staff members operate with safety and quality in mind. You can call our specialists for high-quality and consistent work that will maintain the structural integrity of your home.

We Serve the Surrounding Areas!

As a flexible company, we also serve the Boston area. 

For impeccable home or business handyman services in the Brighton, MA proximity, call us now. Hands On Duty Inc. is the right choice for your adequate home maintenance. 

Client’s Testimonial

by Seerat Kappor on Hands On Duty Inc.
Electrical , plumbing, painting, interior

They did an amazing job, i need lights put in, toilets changed and bathroom repainted . They worked very quickly , were very kind, bought all the supplies and did an amazing job! They truly went above and beyond . I will use them for future needs.

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