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3 Wall Painting Ideas to Transform Any Room Into a Work of Art

A Work of Art Transformation for Your Room

Paint is the ultimate material for updating your home quickly and inexpensively. While solid-colored walls are one way to refresh a room, these 3 wall painting ideas transform any room into a work of art. With a few simple techniques, you can turn an ordinary wall into a spectacular work of art.

Easy Patterned Wall

These freehand wall paint ideas are easier than it looks. Start by sketching out a pattern of dashes, dots, and zigzags, or find one online to re-create. Dip a 1-inch angle brush into a small amount of paint and begin applying the pattern, working from an upper corner across and down the wall. A slightly imperfect pattern is the goal, so don’t worry about the uneven spacing or varying brushstrokes.

Painted Arch Ideas

Paint an arch accent wall to create a sense of depth and architectural character. Go with a single arch shape or string a few together for a scalloped design. To achieve a perfectly rounded top, secure a piece of string to the wall and pull it taut as you trace a semi-circular shape with a pencil. Extend the lines straight down the wall and mark them off with painter’s tape. Use a small brush around the edges and fill in the middle with a roller.

Sunset-Inspired Wall Paint Idea

Blend shades of coral and blue for this wall painting idea inspired by a sunset. First, gather six paint colors that are similar enough in tone and saturation to blend together and divide the wall into six horizontal bands. Paint the darkest color on the lowest part of the wall and use a brush to feather out the top while the paint is still wet. Working quickly, paint the band above in your next shade and use long, sweeping strokes to blend the colors together. Repeat with the remaining colors to form a layered look.

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