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3 Monthly Maintenance Checklist According to a Home Maintenance Service Provider

Easy Way of Maintaining Your House

Homeownership is a major responsibility and keeping up with the many tasks for maintaining your home can be challenging. But often, proactive attention to some key areas around your home can help you avoid costly repairs. To help you keep on top of some common tasks, here’s a maintenance checklist of things to do each month as shared by a professional home maintenance service provider:

Pay Attention to Your Plumbing

Inspecting your plumbing system regularly should be a significant part of your house maintenance. Do a visual inspection and look for signs of damage. These can include things like discoloration on metal pipes; cracking or crimping of plastic, PEX or polymer parts; deposits or rust-like buildup; frayed metal, or discoloration on braided supply hoses. If you spot any of these issues, consider proactively replacing the part or calling a professional for assistance. If needed, clean slow-running drains to help prevent a major backup. Make sure toilets aren’t running constantly, as this may cost you more money and wastewater.

Walk Through Your Entire Property

Each month, check any rarely used or seen spaces, such as the attic or under a raised deck. Look for evidence of insects, rodents, rot, leaks, or mold to identify developing problems early. If you have large trees on your property, be on the lookout for signs of weakness or decay. You may also want to check your garage door opener to ensure that it’s working properly.

Update Your Home Inventory

If you remodel your living space or make significant investments in furnishings or appliances, you’ll want to update your home inventory for insurance purposes. File receipts and take pictures of new purchases and contact your insurance representative to discuss updating your homeowner’s coverage.

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